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Software for
Commercial Lawyers

Help your clients through commercial litigation

Commercial Law Case Management Software

Our commercial law legal practice management software is an important tool for assisting in administrative tasks, dealing with finances and all-important business legal matters. GLS gives you all the financial and administrative tools needed to maintain commercial legal cases and transactions.

The Case and matter management feature keeps users in the know at every stage. Our tool streamlines your case management process. Centralise your cases with all relevant documentation, activities past and upcoming appointments. 

All matters are stored securely and can be retrieved accurately at the touch of a button. View matters as a clear funnel of recorded stages that give users a top-level glance of the state of each case. Monitor changes for different leases, and ensuring there aren’t any irregularities by conducting account reconciliation. 

Enhance workflow automation and improve the speed at which commercial litigation cases are dealt with. Eliminates repetitive, commercial and administrative tasks and save time. 

The GLS Legal accounting feature is essential for commercial law firms. Utilise secure billing templates and simplify all payment processes.

The time recording feature allows users to keep track of claims handling, and commercial contracts. Time recording and billing allows commercial bills to be generated with ease. Our comprehensive range of reporting options enables you to firm’s performance. 

The document bundle feature saves time by paging document bundles and sorting them by matter for efficient retrieval. GLS assists in document management with auto form production; a powerful asset for easy completion of commercial law forms

Designed and customised specifically for commercial law

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