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Criminal Law Software

Assisting effective criminal case management

throughout the entire scope of practice

Criminal Defence Case Management Software

With criminal cases being profoundly affected by COVID and for safe and secure documentation needing to be retrieved anywhere remotely; Criminal Law firms are required to honour their traditional working practices whilst adapting to digital transformation.

Our legal software is designed for criminal lawyers, supporting firms as they progress from arrest to bail, preliminary hearing, and the trial.

As information relating to criminal law is highly confidential and needs to be protected securely, our digital document management features safeguard confidential or highly sensitive information is sent properly.

Working from home simply doesn’t replicate office life and criminal law firms need to be able to ensure the time allocated to each case is done efficiently, securely and recorded accurately. From the moment criminal lawyers receive their case through to potential trial, GLS systematically supports.

Features such as our document bundle is an effective tool to save valuable time, quickly retrieving the case-specific documents easily. Workflow automation generates and updates crime forms swiftly; standardising documentation to increase accuracy and mitigate human error.

Valuable time is saved on complex form completion relating to court information and defendants details with re-existing templates and auto-document filling. Our Case management tools centralise all relevant documentation that can be filtered by division, increasing your firm’s efficiency.

Reach higher profit margins, and increased client trust with our Criminal Law Software.

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Automated Workflow
Secure Storage
Remote Working