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Document Management

Document Management

All relevant case information recorded and stored securely.

GLS Document Manager

Documents are much easier to find, safer and more secure and organised. Our documentation management and hosting software offers a safe space on traditional filing cabinets, ensuring confidential information is held securely.

Matters can be structured according to criteria such as date, and importance as well as marked as completed, in order to organize appropriately. All your information is centralised in one place with Good Law Software.

Retrieve business-critical, contracts, identification, financials and postage documents. 

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. We are compatible with multiple devices including phone, tablet, and both Windows and Mac.

Yes, your data is backed up, so if you lose your device just log in from another device with your username and password to access your account.

Your data can be migrated from many existing applications over to GLS.

No. Once you’ve moved over to GLS there is no need to use your old server.

Yes. Data and privacy is of the utmost importance to GLS. We ensure your data is stored safely and securely, and unauthorised access is prevented. 

 Yes. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any point.

Whether you are reducing the number of users, or changing the way that you operate, you will only be charged monthly once the cancellation request is received.

Need support? We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service. Our support staff include qualified professionals and experts in their field. This includes accountants and lawyers, who understand your concerns. 

If you require help please contact us.