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Software for Employment Law

Everything you need to conduct an employment matter

Employment Law Case Management Software

Practising employment law is all about supporting clients to help them make sense of the intricate legislation and case law that oversees the relationship between employees and employers. 

The GLS Employment Law tool helps firms carry out their advisory practice systematically with automated workflow processes when handling employment agreements, employment contracts, and many other relevant employment forms. 

The effective use of document management within Good Law Software enables the use of employment work templates that can be generated; saving time and reducing errors. Our document manager feature aligns your branding to all internal and outgoing records;  automatically send branded letter headers to clients, attaching employment forms, scanned employment documents securely.

Centralise your clients’ details within our cloud based system and access case sensitive details securely and with the click of a button. Managing employment documents digitally, extract and retrieve key information reference information.

The GLS diary tool allows users to make schedule appointments linked directly to employment cases. Notifications and reminders help you keep track of your entire firm’s running schedule so nothing gets missed!

Boost efficiency and productivity for your law firm.

Cloud Access
Document Manager
Calendar Tool
Template Manager