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Software for Family Law Firms

Get the financial and administrative tools needed
to maintain your family legal cases.

Family Law Case Management Software

Case management software is crucial for family law firms. Legal issues dealing with divorce, separation, affidavits and domestic violence require delicate handling when managing emotionally charged cases. 

Family law firms sending out large amounts of documents and case bundles may find it hard to synchronise without the correct software. Managing documents digitally maintain security, and without mitigating accessibility by relevant team members.

Our centralised system put your cases first. Clients and team members can have varying levels of authority and admittance to key documents within a single system; enhancing GDPR compliance.

Good Law Software enables centralised access to sensitive documentation securely, integrating all client details with deadlines, calendar appointments and documentation that can be retrieved easily.

Family law firms will be able to track and monitor the progress of their cases, and eliminate administrative errors such as duplicating documents, case details, or the loss of crucial client information.

Eliminate case-related and administrative issues
and improve client satisfaction. 

Centralised Case Matters
Template Management
Secure Storage
Automated Workflows