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GLS Announces Product Launch to the UK Market

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GOOD LAW SOFTWARE (GLS) is finally here!

GLS is a case management software for law firms and legal professionals – and is an all-in-one solution that incorporates case management and resource management. 

Unlike other legal software in the market, GLS has its roots in law first and technology second. It was created by Atef Elmarakby, an experienced immigration lawyer with 15+ years in the legal industry. Uninspired by existing solutions in the market, he hired a team of developers to build a tool that would assimilate well with his workflow and improve his own operations, which it did for years. In essence, GLS was made by lawyers, for lawyers. 

Why GLS? 

By now, you may have been expecting a long list of features and benefits relating to the software and a lot of buzzwords like Cost Effective, or Time Saving, or Efficiency Improving! GLS does all of that and more, and we even have FREE demos and trials to show you what the software can do for you (claim yours here)

However, lets instead focus on why a software like this is even needed in today’s legal world. 

Digital adoption has been notoriously slow in the traditional legal industry. It may be seen as a fear of change, or risk management, or a culture of ‘billable hours’, or it may even be as simple as legal practitioners not having enough time to look into it. 

Whatever the reason, it’s not sustainable. Law can be as stubborn to digital change as it wants, but around it, everything from media to retail has become unrecognisable compared to just 10 years ago. 

The Modern Client 

The need to adapt to the changing global digital landscape is influenced by the notion of the modern client or consumer. The modern client is savvy, and they understand the ways in which technology can make processes more cost-effective and efficient. This creates problems for legal practitioners who are resisting adoption of digital solutions. On the one hand, you have competition from providers who are actively adopting and implementing disruptive technologies, and the last thing any business wants is to be left behind. 

On the other hand, you have increasing pressures from new and existing clients who are now learning that they can get faster results for lower costs and with better transparency.


However, fear of missing out or being left behind isn’t necessarily the best motivator. Let’s consider unbillable hours – time spent on tasks which aren’t delivering revenue could and should instead be automated and aided by technology.  

How much better could your time be used if instead of conducting mundane tasks, you streamline manual processes in order to focus your time on connecting with potential new clients or on building your marketing strategy? 

Try us out.