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GDPR, Data & Privacy Law Software

Data protection is of paramount importance in all areas of law

Privacy Law Software

Modern technology has profoundly changed the way privacy is viewed and it can be difficult to comply with all aspects of privacy law. Case specific information must be stored and held safely and securely. There’s an increasing focus on data protection for businesses and individuals in today’s landscape.

Our privacy management software accurately stores and logs data through the secure automation and handling of privacy management projects. Utilising GLS firmly establishes privacy, as documents and forms are sent and submitted. Document management allows confidential information to be held securely.

Confidential data relating to privacy law can be generated and completed accurately to assist in data handling processes that ensure GDPR compliance with your clients and their cases. Manage all of your matters, documents, calendars, time and billing, and more.

Store and hold confidential GDPR compliant case matterS

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Centralised Case Matters
Secure Storage
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