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Property Management Software

Designed for professional property owners, and investors

Property Law Case Management Software

Good Law Software assists Properly firms in their day to day of negotiating property transactions, structuring arrangements for conveyancing or investments, securely storing and retrieving important contracts and transaction records.

GLS values all the fundamental necessities of Property law firms. From tenant communication, analysing potential income, onboarding new leads and managing new tenancy agreements, we have thought of everything to ensure a smooth running. All internal procedures can be automated to increase efficiency and productivity for residential and commercial use.

Our Property management solution gives lawyers access to property, accounting and CRM features. You’ll benefit from a centralised system with tools that residents, owners and tenants can, collectively, communicate and record all documentation on. Improving communication throughout property management procedures.

User friendly customer portals are a power fool tool that can be used to boost customer interactions. Task automation means that tasks can be completed quickly and less paperwork for tenants.

The GLS property management software centralises and automates your law firms procedures. Save time, reduce costly errors and eliminate manual data entry across your teams! Spend less time screening through forms, records and contracts and more time acquiring new client

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