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Legal Practice Management Software

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Simply Designed with
Legal Professionals in Mind

GLS was logically designed to automate and simplify Legal Practice Management. Our Legal Practice Management Software has all the features and integrations needed to run a law firm. GLS has been logically designed and strategically planned by legal professionals for legal professionals to address the pain points of running a Law Firm.

Discover the power of Unlimited Potential!

The Power of GLS

One software, unlimited potential

Customisable and Intuitive

GLS gives you the power to:

  • Choose features and integrations
  • Customise fields and reports
  • Choose add-ons to boost your productivity

Comprehensive, industry-leading CRM

  • Industry leading advanced CRM
  • Cost-saving and complete
  • Data-driven, informative and intuitive

Advanced Reporting

In-depth reports on virtually anything:

  • Staff performance, attendance, and holiday booking
  • Matter, client and productivity reporting
  • Full financial visibility with our financial and accounts reports

FCA Approved Open Banking

  • GLS is proud to offer open banking fully Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Simply connect your bank account with GLS to fetch all data with a simple click!
  • Send Invoices linked directly to a payment page bespoked for your law firm

Accounting and Billing

  • GLS integrates with Xero and Quickbooks to ensure that all your accounting needs are covered
  • Settle invoices and request payments for your services directly in GLS
  • Save valuable time by automating the accounting and billing needs of your law firm

Case Management

  • Organise, view, assign, track and manage all the firm’s cases.
  • Ensure no steps are missed by following customisable workflows.
  • Automatically link clients, documents, emails, meetings, invoices and activities to cases

After looking at and trialling numerous software solutions, we found that GLS effectively ticked all the boxes

Adrian Scotland

Managing Partner at Judge Skyes Frixou

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GLS offers all the necessary features and integrations to run a Law Practice efficiently!

Our bespoke path to success

Legally optimised Calendar & Dashboard

Our legally optimised Calendar allows you to:


GLS’s powerful emailing tool brings your email provider inside GLS, eliminating the need for countless open browsers and platforms.
Send, receive and manage all your firm’s emails directly from GLS!


All of our integrations have been logically selected and built in the software to increase the efficiency and productivity of any Law Firm. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Thirdfort, Takepayments, Office 365, Xero, Quickbooks and many more!


GLS was built to address the needs of everyone in a law firm. From Partners, Fee Earners, Trainees to Admin & Accountants.

With our selected features and logical integrations, cross communication and cross cooperation between departments is encouraged and streamlined.

We believe in Customer Success, and we know that using GLS will allow our customers to achieve their goals!

This is why we offer you everything you need to see how GLS can change the way you work and increase your productivity and efficiency!

Meet some of the GLS fans and hear their stories

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We found GLS, which is very well designed, very simple and to the point system, and understands our needs. The HR feature is a fabulous thing! You can see the performance of all the staff and easily manage work loads.

Mohamed Agamy

Managing Partner at Links & Gains

GLS is a game changer. Everything is in a one-page solution ensuring client care. I am able to open a case and find out everything I need to know, from payments deposited and financials to documents, even something as small as call logs. I am able to open an inquiry and find out everything I need to know.

Naz Mohamed

Office Manager, Good Advice UK

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GLS has dramatically improved many aspects of my day to day work and it allows me to provide a more friendly and professional service. Thanks to GLS processing payments have been streamlined and GLS simplified invoicing clients thanks to its Open Banking feature.

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Keiran Rushmere

Administrative Assistant, Good Advice UK

GLS Stories

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Maliha Abunowar

Through my experience I used a number of IT collaboration tools, but I have found GLS to be intuitive and user friendly. A helpful tool is that GLs allows you to link enquiries together in order to synchronize information. It’s been a very positive experience and I highly recommend GLS

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Karolina Wasikowska

I use GLS as part of my everyday work. I love that it is very intuitive, easy to use and also multifunctional. I highly recommend Good Law Software

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Naileni Martinez

I consider GLS a simple tool that can store all clients’ information in one single place. GLS represents an efficient tool to help you keep your firm one step ahead, your clients happy and your team synchronised

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