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Privacy Policy

Good law software develops, tests, and produces practice management software. The privacy policy applies  to users of the website. We take privacy issues very seriously.

We provide a practice management software solution via our website:

The privacy policy applies to data personal data that is collected by persons, individuals or companies. 

This website is operated by Good Law Software Limited of Office Vauxhall Sky Gardens, London, SW8 2GB.

Our privacy policy outlines the way that Good Law Software processes information and protects personal data when you use our website. We ensure that your privacy rights and personal information is protected.

This privacy policy might be updated or changed in line with current policies, by updating the website and or pages. Please check this page for any updates, and to ensure that you are satisfied with our current policies.

Data Collected

We have access and collect information about used from: online forms, by them signing up to the service and entering their  personal details.  We might receive information about he user through working with third parties this  includes information from businesses, shareholders, or individuals who use the GLS service.

Data Stored in our system

Is held securely in database and cannot be used  or accessed by any other third parties without getting permission first.

The data that we collect includes:

  • Personal contact information (address and phone number)
  • We might use your personal information for marketing purposes (to send promotional emails regarding new products and services), you might be contacted by email or phone.
  • To improve website content
  • To inform visitors regarding any important new updates

 How Is the information we gather used

  • Keeping a personal record of customer data
  • Promotional emails regarding products or services, or to update and make amendments to the site according to customers preferences.

We ensure that all information which is stored and  collected is held safely, and securely, prevented from unauthorized use or access by any third parties. We dispose of information safely that we no longer need. All personal information is not kept any longer than needed, and will only be used for the stated purposes. All information held conforms to GDPR policies.

Customers have the right to request personal information which is held about them. They have the right to request that data held about them is destroyed or deleted. Or corrected if information held is incorrect.  Users can only make requests about information which is held about them, the company can establish whether the information that’s held is about them. Your personal data and information is held securely and cannot be accessed by any third parties.

Data Retention

GOOD LAW SOFTWARE will hold your personal information and contact details for as long as you are a customer or user of the service. The service features SSL certificate which means that data which is transferred between users and the service is secure and encrypted. The browser being used must support the encryption for it to work. When paying for services on the website, no card details are saved, or stored and cannot be viewing  by any staff members. 

Concerns or Queries

If you have any questions in regards to our privacy page please contact us.

Data breach security

Should data be breached or pose a security risk such as data being accessed by any unauthorized third parties then the user will be notified with immediate effect.

Your Rights

Under GDPR your rights include: Knowing what personal information we hold about you, requesting information we hold to be erased or changed,

The Use of Cookies

Cookies- Cookies are data which are stored on a PC on the computer, by the internet browser, which are capable of  storing information about a person’s interaction with the site. GLS software uses cookies. Cookies identifies which pages you visit, and helps to record information about the user’s personal preferences. The data which is gathered from the cookie is then used by Google, Google analytics collects information which are derived from cookies.

Cookies can be used to:

  •  To establish when an individual browses the site
  • To gather cookie preference information
  •  To gather information so that GLS can evaluate the effectiveness of the services offered and the site
  • Testimonials often include personal information relating to names, and demographics etc. if you no longer wish to be featured in the testimonials section please contact us.


By agreeing to the terms and conditions set out in the privacy policy you adhere to your data be processed by GLS, and used in accordance with the GDPR  laws.

GOOD LAW SOFTWARE use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.