Team GLS

We strongly believe in growth, both organisational and personal, and understand that organisational growth cannot be achieved without the growth and development of the organisation’s members first

Driven by individual values, expressed in a welcoming and dynamic working environment.


Global Business Strategy Director
Regional Operations Manager
HR & Recruitment Coordinator


Full Stack Developer

Customer Support & Sales


Sales Team Lead
Customer Success Manager
Sales Development Representative
Tech & Customer Success


Tech & Customer Success
Customer Success Associate


Senior Graphic Designer

We are driven by innovation

We work, learn, develop and innovate together to bring our users the best possible experience.

We endorse honesty and promote integrity among our team members. Together we are creating a better working environment for each one of us

We have created an environment of trust in one another. We can depend on our colleagues no matter the situation

We are building a world-class team with industry leading knowledge of the legal tech world

We celebrate success and mistakes together for being the providers of valuable lessons

Development is our focus! Be it the development of our teams, the development of our clients, or the development of the entire Legal Industry, we always strive towards constant development.


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