Trusted features and integrations, logically developed to boost productivity

All our features have been developed with the needs of legal professionals in mind. What’s more, is that GLS has been designed and developed by legal professionals, who have experienced those needs firsthand and have in-depth industry knowledge.

This is why we are proud to offer a Complete Firm Management system!

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At GLS, we believe in simplicity and that technology and digitalisation simplify and boost a legal professional’s day-to-day tasks. We know the difficulties of daily running a Law Firm. With our automated tools, we made this as easy as it can ever be, whilst increasing efficiency and productivity, reducing running costs, and liberating more time so that our clients can focus on their clients!

Discover how you can outperform your Competition with GLS: One Platform, Unlimited Potential!

Join GLS today, the all-in-one legal practice management software! 

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Legally Optimised Dashboard

GLS is a cloud-based legal practice management software designed to help you simplify administrative tasks, increase efficiency, eliminate admin errors and increase your firm’s productivity. In this video, we’ll take a closer look at our dashboard and at ways, it can maximise efficiency.

Your dashboard allows you to gain a quick snapshot of crucial data:

All our features are built to increase productivity. Take a look at the bigger picture and get a clear start to your day with GLS.

Legally Optimised Calendar

GLS’s legally optimised Calendar allows you to:

Rather than sifting through hundreds of case matters to find your scheduled case, with one click on GLS’s calendar you can bring up the required case, hassle-free. Start your day efficiently with GLS.

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Rather than using multiple platforms to get work done, GLS helps you simplify your workflow with tools like our emailing module! GLS’s email module is fully comprehensive allowing you to:

Get all you need to be done, on one comprehensive platform, with GLS!

Accounting, Billing and Banking

Among our many features, such as our Legally optimised Calendar, Emailing, Matter Management, HR & Performance Reports, GLS also offers Accounting, Billing, and Banking directly within the software, being fully Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


You no longer need to open countless web pages to ensure financial tasks are done. GLS automates and brings all your Accounting, Billing & Banking needs into one platform:

See all your Firm’s financial stats and stay on top of debit balances, fees, billing, and payments with GLS: One Platform, Unlimited Potential!

GLS is Fully Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Client Relationship Management

GLS comes with Legally optimised Client Relationship Management & Marketing tools built-in The GLS CRM tool provides a customer-focused segmentation of preferences, profitability, and inquiry information so that our clients can automate their client intakes:

Ensure that no opportunity, client, or communication is ever missed with our automated Legal CRM and emailing campaign tools.
Increase your firm’s productivity with GLS, One Platform, Unlimited Potential

Data Storage & Data Security

GLS provides its customers with the highest standard of security and reliability through its cloud-based Data Storage and Data Security protocols. GLS fully complies with ICO’s data storage and data protection regulations.

With GLS, you will never need to worry about data storage and data security ever again – Leave this to the experts, while knowing that your data is safe and accessible at any time and from anywhere!

GLS, One Platform, Unlimited Potential!

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HR & Performance

GLS is an all-in-one, fully optimised legal practice management software. With our fully integrated built-in HR Management System, GLS allows its users to:

With GLS, you will easily manage your staff and candidates’ information and performance, saving you time and money!

You will never need to purchase a separate HR management system.

GLS: One Platform, Unlimited Potential!

Matter Management

GLS is an all-in-one case management, legal accounting, and legal practice management system. It provides you with the highest standards of security through its fully encrypted
cloud-based system.


Our Matter Management allows you to easily collaborate raising productivity through our workflow automation:

GLS’s workflow automation allows team members to easily collaborate and increase the firm’s efficiency and productivity.

GLS: One Platform, Unlimited Potential!

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