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Per user per month / billed monthly
With unlimited access to the GLS HR features

Comprehensive Plan

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Per user per month / billed monthly
With unlimited access to all features and integrations


Billed Annually


Per user per month / billed monthly
With unlimited access to the GLS HR features

Comprehensive Plan

Billed Annually


Per user per month / billed monthly
With unlimited access to all features and integrations


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Per user per year / billed annually
With unlimited access to all features and integrations


Billed Monthly

Billed Annually

Billed Monthly

Billed Annually

GLS will not lock you in a lengthy contract!

With us, you will have a simple and clear monthly rolling contract, giving you the freedom you deserve!

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GLS’s Features and built-in integrations


Organise, grow and look after your current and
potential client base

Case & Matter Management

Manage your daily cases and matters, together with all
notes, documents and
interactions on each case.

Document Management

Create, edit, store and manage all your
documents directly in GLS

Emailing Module

Receive, send and manage emails directly inside
GLS. Create email templates and
campaigns to standardize work.


Create HR files for your existing employees;
record their personal information, create
compliance checklists, store all relevant documentation in their profile,
have an overview of their salary progression, their holiday entitlement,
keep records of their employment journey such as their onboarding,
training sessions, and attendance, and more

FCA Approved Open Banking

Complete Financial management directly within the software!
GLS is fully Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
You no longer need to open countless web pages to ensure financial tasks are done.
GLS automates and brings all your Accounting, Billing & Banking needs into one platform

Legally Optimised Calendar

Create events and appointments and connect them to case matters. Invite caseworkers
to a calendar event. Generate and send Zoom or Teams links for your events. Click into
the relevant matters directly from the calendar event. Set reminders

Expense Recording

Simplify your billing and accurately keep time.
Time track all your stask on a matter and
generate bills for an enhanced expense tracking and recording.


GLS offers effective billing with easy time tracking,
expense tracking and customisable
billing generated with one click. Save time with GLS billing


GLS offers accounting reports for each matter and overall
accounting reports for your
Law Firm. Built-in
integrations with Xero and Quickbooks.

Limitless document Storage

Store all your documents directly inside GLS without
the worry of data storage space.


Easely build and run automated emailing campaigns, ensuring your clients will always be
updated with your latest news.


GLS is incredibly intuitive and easy to use and comes fully
customisable to your Law
Firm’s needs.

Automatic timesheets

GLS generates automatic timesheets of all your firm’s staff and gives easy attendance
tracking, both for HR and for employees, whilst being fully integrated with the GLS

Postage Control

Manage, generate and view reports and bills for your post center, ensuring all your
expenses are recorded in one place, easy to manage.

Court Hearing Tracker

Easily and simply track all your court hearings,
ensuring never to miss an appointment or hearing.

Vendor Centre

Record all your firm’s expenses and
generate in-depth reports

Quick shortcuts

Access all your cases and matter data from anywhere
within the system with GLS’s
intuitive shortcuts

Website Integration

Integrate your website’s client intake form
directly inside the GLS software, allowing you
to save time and manage your potential clients easily and
time efficiently

Advanced Reporting

With GLS’s powerful advanced reporting tool,
users can generate reports on virtually any data: financials,
staff performance, client intake, bonuses, efficiency and
productivity, billing etc.

User Access Permissions

GLS allows you to give your employees access to all or
some of the features within the software, ensuring that
each person has the right level of access, according to their
role and position.

Gmail Integration

Fully integrate your gmail within GLS, allowing
you to manage your workload from one page.

Microsoft 365 Integration

GLS integrates with Microsoft 365, bringing you
all the tools needed right inside the software.

Unlimited Training

With GLS, initial and further training is free, no matter
how long it will take. Our UK based Customer Support
team is on hand to enable each and every
one of our users to get the most out of GLS.

Free Data Migration

No matter from which system or software you are migrating,
GLS will not charge you.
Allow our experts to migrate your data for free!

Xero Online Integration

GLS integrates with Xero, allowing our users to
automate their accounting needs and reconcile faster.

Quickbooks Integration

Save time and money on admins, stay on top of taxes,
manage your expenses and your
payroll, no matter the size of your law firm.

Advanced Billing

Automate your billing process. Have access to complete
financial management, and
advanced in-depth reports on
financials with GLS

Searchable custom Fields

GLS allows you to search within the system by client
name, matter number, subject, case worker etc
allowing you shortcuts and access to all data.

Compliance Checks

GLS offers KYC, AML and ID checks directly within the
software, through its integration with Thirdfort


Through our integration with Docu-Sign, you will have the
freedom to sign your documents directly within the
system, saving time and money on printing needs

My GLS Drive

With GLS’s drive, you can easily share information and
documents with all your
colleagues and staff. GLS’s
Drive gives you unlimited data storage space!

Personalised Branding

Personalise your GLS the way you want, and incorporate
your firm’s logo in the software

Legally Optimised Dashboard

Our dashboard keeps the most important information easily
accessible: reports, reminders, tasks, and accounts, while
being fully customisable for each user.

Secure Cloud Hosting

GLS keeps all its data in UK based data centers with
industry-leading security features, keeping all your data
safe and accessible at any time from anywhere. GLS is fully
compliant with the ICO.


GLS integrates with Zoom, allowing its users to book,
manage and send meeting
invitations directly from GLS,
while automatically populating your calendar

Telephone Support

Reach our UK based customer support with any
issues or questions and speak with a real person,
expert in the field, not an automated machine.

On Site Support

Are you in need of on-site training? Reach our
uk based customer support and book an office
visit with one of our experts.

Tailored Enablement

We understand that not two firms are the same,
which is why we will offer you free bespoked enablement
and training that suits the needs and wants of
your law firm


With our built-in Thirdfort integration, our
users can easily conduct KYC, AML and ID
checks right within the software, never
having to leave the system


GLS offers speech to text to save you money
and time spent on transferring meeting
minutes, texts and notes.

Microsoft Teams

GLS integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing
its users to book, manage and send
meeting invitations directly from GLS,
while automatically populating your calendar

Chat Hub

GLS offers its users a secure, cloud based and
mobile friendly internal chat. You will no
longer have to use insecure 3rd party
applications for your high sensitive communications

User Performance Warning

GLS will give you a warning if one of your staff
is falling behind on their performance,
allowing you to focus your efforts where
needed to improve efficiency and productivity.


GLS will assist you in managing your workload
and meetings by giving you notifications
on changes on cases, meetings, deadlines and tasks

Monthly Rolling

We will not lock you in a lengthy contract!
We are so sure of our product, that we offer a
simple, monthly rolling contract with no exit fees

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