GLS, your Law Firm’s new Partner

GLS is a cost-effective all-in-one legal practice management software with one aim, to tackle
the daily pain points of running a law firm.

Logical Features
with built-in Integrations
giving you all the power

Strategically developed by
Legal Professionals for Legal Professionals

We address the daily
pain points of running
a Legal Practice

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We found GLS, which is very well designed, very simple and to the point system, and understands our needs. The HR feature is a fabulous thing! You can see the performance of all the staff and easily manage work loads.

Mr Mohamed Agamy

Managing Partner at Links & Gains

GLS was created to automate and simplify Legal Practice Management.

Fully customisable to meet the needs of your law firm! GLS allows you to customise your

GLS's Unique Roadmap to Success!

Integrated matter management, legal accounting and FCA approved Open Banking, document
automation from anywhere anytime in our secure cloud hosted system!


We work closely with our customers, and believe that the success of our customers is oursuccess!

This is why we offer UK Based customer support, free training and free data migration!

GLS was first developed as an in-house software

Our story began with the simplest need for efficiency and the sudden realisation that there must be a more logical way of running a law firm.

Once GLS has proved its full capabilities in increasing efficiency and productivity, lowering running costs and eliminating administrative mistakes, it was time for GLS to prove itself to the world! This is how the decision was taken to launch GLS on the open market so that others can benefit from its disruptive way of managing a legal practice.

We live by three mottos

Maximise Efficiency and
Increase Productivity

Grow and Outperform
your Competition

Minimise Costs

Eliminate Administrative Mistakes

We believe that the best way of working is smart working!

What do we mean by that? Achieving maximum results with the minimum amount of cost and effort! Or, very simply put: 100% Efficiency, Zero Wastage!

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore the work-life balance by promoting and transforming the way the legal industry currently functions and delivers. By bringing justice and equilibrium into the professional and social life balance, and maximizing the economic and social value of lawyers and those working in the legal system.

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To sustain our mission we offer industry-leading reliability and security. All our data is stored in the UK data centers, accessible 24/7 globally.

We also offer an unmatched array of features and built-in integrations that suit any law firm, regardless of size or practice area.

By pouring all our effort on legal experience, we aim to serve our clients the best experience possible running their practice efficiently and productively.

We believe that the Legal Industry is advancing towards a cloud based solution, and that this advancement will accelerate in the next few years. This is why, GLS focuses on enabling legal professionals with market leading tools and its cloud-based solution to simply enable working from anywhere, anytime.

Help, advise, and enable the latest technologies to be shared with the legal world

Our future must be one in which the ever-growing numbers of those in need of legal advice and legal assistance have access to urgent and fair support. 
We play our role by enabling the entire world of legal professionals to focus on what matters most, by being as efficient and cost-effective as possible, through using the latest technologies developed by us and shared with the world.

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