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GLS Features


GOOD LAW SOFTWARE contains all the necessary competencies
that are required to operate your law firm

Effective electronic storage, templates and automated case solutions

Easily collaborate with teams and improve productivity with our workflow automation. Cases are interconnected across your firm.

Ensure you and your team stay on top of deadlines.

Manage time keeping of cases and projects to improve workflow, and collaboration with your remote employees with Good Law Software

Smart Accounting & Billing processes made simple.

Stay on top of debit balances, fees, billing and payments with the GLS cash control & banking function accounting tools.

Enhance your Marketing comms to new and existing clients

Existing clients are just as important as new ones, it is therefore necessary to have an effective CRM tool.

Record & store case information securely

Easily access and locate all crucial documents. Effortlessly create documents and templates to simplify tasks and save time.

Gain Insight Like Never Before

Identify areas for growth and improvement with our unique reporting tool. Utilise data to be your firm’s decision maker.