Good Law Software Is Embarking On A Strategic Partnership With Thirdfort To Help Lawyers Combat Fraud And Money Laundering risks​

Written by Shrisha Sapkota
Written by Shrisha Sapkota


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Good Law Software (GLS) is partnering with the risk management platform for professional services, Thirdfort, to help lawyers tackle the surging fraud and money laundering risks.


This integration with Thirdfort will remove the necessity for our clients to scour other software to conduct checks such as Know Your Client (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Source-of-Funds (SoF). All of these services will now be available within the GLS platform.


The integration with GLS is a further legal platform partner for Thirdfort and closely follows partnerships with cloud-based software Dye & Durham and case management platform SpineLegal. The move demonstrates Thirdfort’s aim to better support legal professionals as they tackle the growing fraud and compliance burden.


The integration of GLS with Thirdfort will help clients complete their KYC and AML checks securely and conveniently on their smartphones in a matter of minutes. This solution combines government-grade ID verification, AML data and up to date, PEPs and Sanctions screening so that clients have the most accurate, up-to-date and reliable information, all in one place.


Through this partnership with Thirdfort, GLS clients now have the convenience of not leaving the CMS to order ID & AML checks. Legal professionals have the flexibility over the information they can request from clients – i.e. with a Source of Funds check or an additional Proof of Address upload. Clients can also complete their ID checks themselves and the legal or property professionals will continue and complete their transactions from there. The whole process has become quick and easy to do.


Thirdfort’s proprietary risk engine identifies fraud and money laundering risks faster, smoother, and more accurately than manual verification. The risk engine is powered by best-in-class KYC and AML services alongside Open Banking and transaction-specific data.


GLS is an all-in-one, cost-effective Legal Practice Management Software designed by legal professionals for legal professionals. GLS offers a complete range of integrations and features, among which FCA-approved open banking, accounting, legally optimised calendar, dashboard, advanced reports, HR, CRM, and so many more.


Atef Elmarakby, the Founder and CEO of Good Law Software, said about this partnership with Thirdfort, “This is a fantastic milestone for GLS, having now fully complemented and integrated with a powerful digital ID check and AML tool such as Thirdfort. At GLS, we see Thirdfort as a powerful, easy-to-use, secure and cost-effective tool for lawyers and consumers equally.”


Similarly, the Head of Partnerships at Thirdfort, Matt Berry had this to say about the integration between the two companies, “GLS is an innovative legal software provider and we’re excited to announce our partnership. Thanks to a seamless integration GLS’s clients will now be able to benefit from Thirdfort’s best in class product and meet their compliance requirements in a fully integrated way. We’re really pleased to add another Case Management provider to our growing ecosystem of integration partners and look forward to working more closely moving forward.”


More about Good Law Software:

Good Law Software (GLS) is an all-in-one legal practise management system that provides law firms – from the small one-man start-up to the seasoned-thirty-years-going firms – with all the features necessary to efficiently run them equipping them with tools that help with timekeeping, case matter management, accounting and billing, CRM, document management and reporting. As GLS was designed with legal professionals in mind, our aim is to reduce lawyers’ pain points in day to day life by simplifying & automating administrative processes by utilising our years and years of experience and the optimised technology of our tech team to make your life easier.

GLS is the only FCA Approved legal practice management system for open banking and syncs with most UK banks. Through GLS solutions, clients will get features needed by every legal department – not just solicitors, to manage all legal accounting, track their firm’s performance and gain real-time insights into it, and achieve ultimate transparency.


More about Thirdfort:

Thirdfort is an FCA regulated business that uses a mobile app to digitally confirm a client’s identity. It has automated identity verification and AML compliance for lawyers and property professionals that help reduce risk to their business. Clients can start a secure check-in with a few clicks by simply choosing which checks they need, and adding them to their name and phone number. Clients can start their ID checks instantly – straight from their phone, wherever they are. Tehirdfort will verify their identity. They incorporate passport chip reading, facial recognition and liveness checks to verify identity and make sure the submitted documents are genuine. They also use the government-grade technology that is used by the UK Home Office and NHS. Thirdfort also takes security seriously. They are regulated and authorised by the FCA, use government-backed Open Banking technology that connects to the client’s bank from their app to verify their identity without sharing any details – especially passwords, and don’t store or share clients’ banking data.

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